We take pride in our superior customer service, where our approach to customer solutions sets us apart from the rest. We establish a dialog with our customers to understand who they are, what they need and what they can afford. Our knowledgeable sales consultants will then be able to equip our customers by suggesting a range of recommendations that are specially crafted to their requirements, brand preferences and support options.

Turnkey Solutions

We have our own in-house drawing office and supply general assistance with designs for the right application, planning, project management and installations signed off by our PR Engineer for all air-conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation applications.

  • Sales
  • Installations
  • Support
  • Repairs
  • Abbatoirs

Air Conditioning

We specialise in all makes and models of air conditioning to suite every application. Mid wall splits, cassette splits, under ceiling splits, ducted splits, package units, VRV and chiller plants.


We specialise in light commercial and industrial refrigeration, fitting the correct application for the required field. Cold and freezer room panels, simplex and multiplex systems and more.


Manufacturing and installation of ventilation systems, kitchen extraction canopy, fresh air supply and extraction, dehumidification for all domestic, commercial and industrial applications.


Our installations are carried out by trained and qualified technicians, who always use the correct materials, accessories and tools. We don’t take short cuts.

Neat and Clean

Our technicians are trained to work as neatly and cleanly as possible, and will always ensure that the best finish is attained.

Fast and Efficient

We will always endeavor to work efficiently around your schedules and deadlines, and finish up without any unnecessary delays to ensure minimal interruptions to your operation or household.

All our installations and equipment carries a warranty, and we also offer Service and Maintenance contracts.

24hr call out service for breakdowns and repairs.

We offer a repair service for most makes of equipment. All of our repair technicians are fully trained and qualified.

24hr call out service for breakdowns and repairs.

We also provide abattoir design and development services for small to large scale projects. Our service is fully comprehensive, and offers great value for money. Our client centric approach takes into all unique requirements into consideration, while providing the most optimised solution in terms of work flows, efficiencies, and compliances. Our process design extends from the animal entering the facility, right until the product is dispatched for retail.

Our turnkey solutions consist of the following:

Professional Services

  • Abattoir Process Design
  • Architectural Design and Municipal plans submissions
  • Professional Engineering i.e Civil, Structural, Electrical and Mechanical
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Water Use Licensing

Civil & Building Works Contractor Specialists

  • HVAC Contractor for all Refrigeration and Mechanical Ventilation; Abattoir Equipment Specialist;
  • Electrical Contractor;
  • Operational Protocol Development. 

Our Approach

The team at Vinko have a unique approach when dealing with our valued customers.

Since our biggest strength is our people skills and industry experience, we have combined the two and formed a solution process that will create a powerful interaction that has a lasting impact on the customer.

As we aspire to make every customer interaction a positive one, we need to ensure that the clients’ needs are heard and understood. We start this process by establishing the budget parameters that you, the customer, are working with. This is to create an open platform that allows our staff to see what they need to achieve and within a certain spend. From there, it is just five easy steps to client satisfaction.

1. Start

Establish goals, requirements, objectives and budget parameters.

2. Explore Options

Explore options within the brand and product offerings.

3. Craft Solution

We create an ideal solution to fit your exact requirements.

4. Deliver

Once your order has been confirmed, we ensure that your equipment is delivered and installed on time and with as little fuss as possible.

5. After Sales Service

We ensure that you are happy with your products and the service we have delivered.

Our Suppliers

We supply and support some of the best brands in the industry.

  • A fit for your Budget

    Once the budget has been established, we explore the options within the brand and product offerings to find the best fit for you. Our experience places Vinko at an advantage as we are able to find the most cost effective yet value-added suggestions for your needs.

  • Crafting a Perfect Solution

    With your input and our knowledge, the Vinko team are able to craft a detailed solution for you that pleases both your requirements and your pocket. We don’t settle for a short term fix and thus we provide quality solutions that are also sustainable.

  • Getting Your Order to you

    Once your orders been confirmed, we ensure that your equipment is installed timeously and efficiently. We will then endeavor to ensure that you have become a satisfied Vinko customer.

  • Going the Extra Mile

    Don’t think that now the sale is over that we have forgotten about you! Vinko goes the extra mile by offering post sale service and support, to assist you in any and all of your post-sales needs and equipment maintenance.